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Increasing Home Security

Brisbane is currently facing a crime wave of home invasions, car thefts and other crimes. Thieves are more brazenly than ever stealing from Brisbane homes. Many of these crimes occur due to the sheer bravado of the thieves. It’s now regular to hear of thieves walking into a house while the occupants are watching the television, taking the car keys and driving away in their car.

There are so many issues packed into this. Yes, it shouldn’t happen and the government should be doing more. But what can we do as residents? Improving the security of our homes is one thing. Here are some tips to increase security.


  1. The first layer of defence is locking your doors. The days are gone where we could be totally trusting and leave our doors unlocked 24/7. Make sure all your doors have a lock and are locked.
  2. You need to consider how strong your doors and locks are. Can they reasonably stop a strong individual from breaking in easily? Every door can be broken into. It will take about 10 minutes for the police to arrive if they are trying to bust in. The question to ask is if the door is strong enough to hold them off, and out of your home until the police arrive.
  3. The next thing to consider is lighting. If someone is on your property can you see them? Sensor lights are generally the best solution to assist with this.
  4. Consider installing an alarm system. This is an extreme measure but will give you greater protection and assurance. An alarm system most beneficially sets off an audible alarm. This is very effective at deterring thieves. Many alarm systems can also be set up to silently call to a base and notify a security support service and/or the police.


Liberty Services Security Camera Solutions
Security Cameras Need
to be strategically placed
  1. If a thief or other intruder enters your property with the intent to cause harm and/or steal your property the most important factor is to prevent this from happening. The next step is to prosecute the individual. The only way to do this is with a recording device.
  2. Security cameras have reduced in price in recent years. High quality cameras and large hard drives are now an affordable solution for any family home.
  3. To successfully prosecute an individual you need a high quality image of their face so that the individual can be identified, beyond reasonable doubt. The Qld police go further to recommend “To maximise the benefits of a video surveillance system, it is important to set the camera up correctly. The recording system can only record what the camera system gives it – a poor image from a camera will be stored as a poor image on a recorder.
  4. The best approach is to have the cameras strategically placed by an experienced professional such a Liberty Services Security Installation technician. As mentioned in point 3 of the prevention section, lighting is a key factor, not just for being able to see the intruder at the time but so the camera is able to capture an intelligible image.
  5. One factor most people do not consider is audio. If an intruder has arrived to your property and is making threats. Or perhaps there is a pair of thieves, which is common, audio recording will capture this. This audio component can be a critical supporting factor for successful prosecution in court.

Remember it’s important to report any criminal activity to the police. Don’t be a vigilante. Be prepared so that if and when it happens to you then you’re ready and you’ll be able to swiftly prosecute the individuals. If Brisbane residents remain vigilant then we can fight this crime wave together and help keep the peace.

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