Connecting Brisbane Policies

This page outlines the policies of our several ‘groups’, ‘pages’ and other channels of online virtual communities on various social media platforms known as, ‘Connecting Brisbane’. Our primary goal is to facilitate the building of healthy relationships, inclusivity and community engagement in Brisbane. We aim to share resources and provide connections through advertising local business and social events. 

Connecting Brisbane is a growing community, so we have done our best to provide a structure in the hope to give everyone the best experience in these groups. Connecting Brisbane has several platforms such as the facebook group, the facebook page, twitter & Instagram accounts and of course this website. These rules pertain, where applicable and reasonable, to all these accounts.

  1. Following Our Values

Connecting Brisbane will not tolerate any derogatory language, discrimination, personal attacks or bullying. These behaviours are grounds for immediate removal from the group as they do not align with our values found at,

2. Business Advertising

a) If you would like to purchase paid advertising on the Connecting Brisbane platforms please contact us here.

b) If you would like to list your business on the Connecting Brisbane website business directory you can start this process by filling out the form here.

c) Once your business is listed on the Connecting Brisbane website we may share it with the Connecting Brisbane channels. We may also add your business to the list of businesses featured on the Friday Frenzy promotion.

d) Each Friday we promote local businesses via our facebook group. We call this “Friday Frenzy”. Please feel free to promote your business in the group during Friday Frenzy. Your business, to qualify for advertising in our group, must be located in the Connecting Brisbane approved zone. If your business services the Brisbane area, but does not satisfy the outlined criteria in location, we are sorry, you do not qualify for business advertising. Our moderators will approve your business for advertising before your post is shared with our members on the following Friday.

e) Multi-level marketing, pyramid selling, network marketing and referral marketing are not permitted to be promoted on any of the Connecting Brisbane platforms, unless by exception when expressly approved by the moderators & administrators of Connecting Brisbane

3. Event Advertising

For your event to qualify for advertising on our page, you will generally need to be located in the Connecting Brisbane approved zone. Exceptions will be made at our admin/moderators at their collective discretion. Please seek advice from our admin/moderator’s before posting if your event falls outside the criteria. You can email us here.

4. No Selling, Buying or Swapping

Our group is not for selling or buying or swapping. If you are after this service, we recommend using other sites or facebook groups.

5. No Political Or Religious Promoting

As a general rule, we do not allow the abrasive, or polarising, promotion of specific religious pieces, opinions, religious groups, anti-religious opinions, philosophical manifestos, etc. Similarly with political ideals, events or pieces. This is not the group for that sort of thing. If it’s weird: don’t post it here. Keep it socially vanilla. It is okay to make posts about religious & political figures or organisations that are doing something positive for our local community. As long as it’s focussing on the action not the belief system behind it.

6. The Connecting Brisbane Zone

The aim is to build a community which is centralised in Brisbane. This currently means all BCC suburbs as listed here.

7. Other Acceptable Uses Of The Connecting Brisbane Facebook Group

  • Posting about Lost/Found Pets
  • Posting about missing loved ones
  • Finding out what is going on in Brisbane
  • Requesting recommendations about local businesses, organisation, services, etc
  • Posting up local events and activities

If you have any concerns, questions or queries regarding any of these policies please feel to get in touch with us here.